First Step into the Cloud – Backup

Small business data protection priorities gives small business owners a real reason to look at the cloud.

News reports promote ‘the cloud’ as the next step in the evolution of small business computing. That makes sense for organizations that have the right infrastructure to support small business data protection.

First things first. Online backup is a component of small business data protection that is critical to your organization’s I.T. strategy. Here are questions that small business I.T. managers should be asking:

small business data protection prevents disaster

Fire, flood, tornado, lightning, and drive failure all have the potential to shut your business down. Disaster planning and recovery are critical to your organization’s success.


  1. How will you restore critical data if there is a physical disaster at your office that destroys all local equipment and devices (fire, flood, hurricane, theft)?
  2. How will you restore critical data for your small business if the primary disk or tape backup system reports that it is working, but really isn’t?
  3. How will you restore critical data for your small organization if lightning strikes your building and damages all of the electronic devices on the same circuit as your server system paralyzing your backup drives and/or your tape system?

Here’s the best answer: Protect your small business data using Reponsive:Backup

Responsive:Backup protects your data using

  • Offsite in multiple geographically diverse secure locations: Boston and Los Angeles
  • AES military-grade encryption with keys that YOU set – including encrypted transmission
    – Encryption so good that if you lose the encryption key you set, we can’t open the backups
  • Local drives on a NAS, SAN or attached hard drive for immediate recovery (optional)
  • Native support for Exchange (including individual mailboxes), SQL Server, VMware, Hyper-V and System State
  • Open file backup as well as continuous backup options

It’s time to discuss a comprehensive data protection system that will protect the small business data you can’t live without.

Your system must be ready to restore your data when the local version has:

  • Gone wrong
  • Been destroyed
  • Become unavailable
  • Found the RAID array is missing or damaged

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